Altcoin to Invest: Dash

Altcoin to Invest: Dash

Among the large cryptocurrencies number, there are just a few that can compete with Bitcoin. Users often quickly lose interest in new altcoins. Dash has long settled in the top ten by market capitalization and is not going to lose its position.

General information

Dash ("digital cash") appeared in January 2014. At first, it was presented as Xcoin, later as Darkcoin. And only in the spring of 2015 received its current name.

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Programmers took the best features of Bitcoin and added to them their experience. Developers see Dash as a regular cryptocurrency and international payment system. They plan to make the digital currency so intuitive and easy to use that people of all ages can use it without problems.

Dash price

Today capitalization of cryptocurrencies is more than $4 billion. And one coin is worth about $568. Active value growth began in spring of 2017 when many services have started to offer an option to pay for goods and services with Dash coins. Programmers took the best features of Bitcoin and added their experience.

Network basic terms

Many people know about the decentralized blockchain system.

However, there are some other Dash technologies:

  • InstantX — provides instantaneous transactions.
  • PrivateSend — the mechanism of payments mixing, which ensures maximum anonymity.
  • Masternodes — key nodes of the network that is responsible for the coins mixing with PrivateSend, as well as for the implementation of InstantX.


Dash is a two-level peer-to-peer network. On the lower system level, the miners generate new blocks, which creates a continuous series of blockchains. The upper level consists of Masternodes. Their number today is already more than 4.5 thousand of servers located in 40 countries.

Anyone can run masternodes and start to earn money. During cryptocurrency mining operators of the nodes receive a part of remuneration. It is 45% of the rewards with each new block. Another 45% goes to the miners, and 10% goes to the budget for system development.

Dash masternodes can run consistently even on a microcomputer with one gigabyte of memory. You will need to have 1000 Dash coins to start your node. They remain entirely at your disposal, but if you decide to spend the money, masternode stop working immediately. The provision is required to ensure that a significant network part is not concentrated in the same hands, which could lead to abuse.

Dash storage

The developers have provided many different options for Dash storage: for Windows, Linux or OSX. Mobile versions for Android and iOS allow you to conduct transactions on your phone or tablet.

Dash mining

The system can extract up to 22 million tokens. Experts suggest that there will be no more than 18 million.

You can get Dash:

  • on the CPU or GPU;
  • using cloud services;
  • using special ASIC’s equipment.

Dash mining is possible on Nvidia and Radeon. But first, you should pre-update drivers to the latest versions. You also need to install the mining program, and to specify all the necessary settings.

Pools for Dash mining

If you want to mine with other users of the system, then connect to one of the pools allowing you to mine Dash. Pools coins are jointly mined with profit divided among all participants.

Cloud mining

If you don’t want to spend money on high-end hardware for mining, you can use cloud services. To do this, conclude a contract for the rental of a certain amount of capacity with the selected site.

How to buy Dash

You can use cryptocurrency exchanges to buy coins at market price.Dash will help you to receive free cryptocurrency faucets. They hand out small coins to its visitors on average once per hour.

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