Altcoin to Invest: Stratis

Altcoin to Invest: Stratis

Stratis (STRAT) is a cryptocurrency that uses the platform Stratis to generate private and public chains for corporate use. It offers a solution for quick creation of individual circuits based on the blockchain. These chains can vary by the company needs and even reproduce the functions of popular blockchains.

Stratis is a consulting agency based in London that helps its clients create the circuit and use the existing blockchains.

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Private Stratis circuits

A secure blockchain usually involves hundreds or even thousands of computers that use the same protocol. Therefore, it is much easier to use the network with the proven stability and security, rather than build it from scratch. The relatively low speed of transaction confirmation (10 minutes) and periodic attacks on the network can cause delays up to several hours. To solve this problem, creators need to make a hard fork, but the development in this direction is prolonged. The companies do not control the updates or other network changes such as a bandwidth of each block or transaction processing.

On the other hand, individual Stratis circuits allow developers to customize the options according to their needs and ensure a high degree of security. Access to the private circuits may be obtained directly through the API. It means that you can quickly develop a stand-alone application.

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS)

Companies can build distributed registries, adapting them to each specific case by using the benefits of cloud computing and the blockchain technology. It allows you to use the payment model on demand and eliminate the need to use expensive equipment. BaaS provides a finished approach to the blockchain use, which makes it affordable for any organization.

The blockchain nature prevents it from being used in traditional designs IaaS/PaaS/SaaS. The blockchain is software that runs in a distributed computers network. Thus, BaaS is a mean of delivering infrastructure, platform, and software at the same time.

Also, BaaS allows developers to test and apply their personalized blockchain applications directly in the cloud with no need to maintain their own clients' network. Blockchain implementation tailored to their needs is achieved by using lightweight clients or API.

Hosting of the decentralized applications

Stratis provide hosting and consulting for decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain, giving access to the smart contracts. Stratis works closely with companies to determine their needs before starting the nodes and hosting. It enables clients to devote themselves to the creation of decentralized applications without spending time and resources on infrastructure.

Nodes commissioning of Bitcoin, Ethereum, LISK

Stratis opportunities are not limited by blockchain and private circuits. Stratis offers active nodes commissioning of other blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares, and LISK. Each has its characteristics, the development team, and the applications. If an organization wants to test another network or use them at the same time, the Stratis is ready to help.

Companies can build distributed registries, adapting them to each specific case by using the benefits of cloud computing and the blockchain technology.

For example, Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized exchange of WAVES assets offer opportunities that are not available for Stratis. They can be useful for business in combination with Stratis, and without it. Stratis provides advice on some different blockchains. It can recommend which blockchain is suitable in any particular case, how to use it, how to install software.

The integration of fiat currencies

Blockchain allows you to pass values in the form tokens. But it can entail some difficulties for businesses, including compatibility issues and fluctuations that are a natural consequence of supply and demand in the market.

The Stratis is already integrated with fiat currencies which are usual for any business. It allows financial institutions to use the blockchain to transfer the existing coins that are accepted by consumers and are not subject to damaging fluctuations. For these operations, Stratis has tokens which are equivalent to regular money.

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