Tokenized Shares of Apple, Tesla and Netflix to be on Crypto-Exchange

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A new trading platform will soon be launched by an Estonian regulated exchange DX.Exchange. The company will mock the mechanisms that the American exchange Nasdaq employs. The tokenized shares of such giant companies as Apple, Tesla and Netflix will be available there.

Relations With Nasdaq

On January 7 DX.Exchange will set up a novel trading platform which will quote the shares of household names. These companies are in the listing of Nasdaq and since DX.Exchange will employ its bidding as well as processing mechanisms, it will also feature those companies.

It is important to note that DX.Exchange will also apply the DIX protocol from Nasdaq. This will ensure electronic communication between the parties of the deal. The platform also made a partnership deal with Bloomberg.

Here’s the approximate list of companies whose shares will be on a new platform (listed here in alphabetical order):

  • AlphaBet;
  • Apple;
  • Baidu;
  • Facebook;
  • Intel Corporation;
  • Microsoft Corporation;
  • Netflix;
  • Nvidia;
  • Tesla.

The is the list known from the outset. It might expand in the future.

How Will Users Acquire The Shares?

Multiple media resources report that clients will be able to buy the shares both for cryptos and public currencies. Clients will get tokenized securities. The latter will make them owners of real shares (1 token is expected to be equal to 1 share). Also, the novel platform will also enable peer trading in cyber-coins.

Who Will Control Such Trading?

According to reports, it will be the duty of MPS Marketplace Securities, Ltd. to realize purchases of real shares. All these processes will take place under the scrutiny of the Cyprus SEC.

Also, the same company will create adequate ERC 20-tokens.

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