5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Investing, According to Weiss Ratings

5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Investing, According to Weiss Ratings

Investing in cyber assets has already become what is called a gold mine. People all over the world have got an opportunity to get richer faster and simpler.

However, as there have emerged possibilities for lining pockets, so there have risen risks of losing it all. Various companies nowadays offer ICOs, trying to set off novel digital coins. Since the beginning of 2018, there have been held over 100 ICOs. As per the notorious magazine Time’s data, that’s 450% more immense than within the first three months in 2017.

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And, apparently, not all of them are conscientious. Among ICOs the fraudulent cases are quite common. Neither more stable cryptos can give anybody guarantees concerning the future revenues due to their volatile nature. So how not to get trapped and invest wisely?

Here are top-5 cyber assets for piling into, according to Weiss Ratings, the rating firm which focused on grading the financial stability of actuarial companies and which not long ago prepared its primary grading system for cyber-coins.

5 Weiss Ratings-highest Graded Digital Coins

Before we take a look at the most perspective, virtual coins for investing, let’s get familiar with how Weiss assessed them. This firm does not forecast which currencies are likely to showcase soaring in the nearest future.

On the contrary, Weiss is estimating the general risk-reward issue of 79 most spread cyber-coins. The firm grades them from the excellent to very weak using the consecutive points from A to E respectively. To assess the success of each coin, the firm leans on the following criteria:

  • Risk (price fluctuation)
  • Reward
  • Underlying technology
  • Basics like transaction speed, scalability and so on

It is noteworthy that none of the assessed cryptos managed to get the A-grade from Weiss. Moreover, none even managed to obtain the “A-minus.” It means that currently there is no entirely safe digital asset, so investors should always keep an eye out.

Nevertheless, there still are leaders which have been rated as “good,” getting, the B-grade, so let’s take a more meticulous look at them.

1. Bitcoin

It should not seems surprising that bitcoin managed to get one of the best grades from Weiss as it is the first crypto-coin brought to this world and which has become a household name. At present, all BTC units are estimated to be worth $137 billion.

2. Ripple

As per the Coinmarketcap.com data, Ripple is the third most influential cyber-coin in the world after bitcoin and ethereum. Despite being worth only less than $11, Ripple climbed so high with $23 billion in the total market cap.

3. EOS

EOS is another Weiss Ratings leader with the B-grade. This coin is listed as the sixth on Conmarketcap.com, and its supply is estimated to surpass $5 billion.

4. NEO

NEO also appeared to be among leaders, which are still pretty volatile. As of writing, NEO holds the ninth position in the list of the most valuable cryptos, and the amount of all NEO units gets close to $4 billion.

5. Steem

The last B-rated crypto in the Weiss Ratings findings is Steem. This coin is listed as 33rd in the total list of cryptocurrencies, yet Weiss noted is as it has been demonstrating pretty good results within the past time. Currently, its total supply makes up about $450 million, and this coin is the tiniest one in comparison to its four rivals.

You might wonder: “But where are ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar and other top-10 valuable cryptos?” Well, most of them received quite decent grades from the rating firm – C+ particularly, whereas Bitcoin Cash got even “D+.”

By the way, when Weiss Ratings released its first grading, ethereum was rated higher than bitcoin, which stirred up a lot of backlashes.

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