In 2017 Bitcoin Googled 1,000% More Often, BTC-page in Top-10 Wikipedia List

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In 2017 bitcoin became as popular as never before. During the last year, people were eager to learn about the father of all cryptocurrencies as much as possible. Such a conclusion comes out of the searching data, presented by Google and Wikipedia, as questing for ‘bitcoin’ online broke records in 2017.

Wikipedia Craze

Last year bitcoin page on Wikipedia was one of the most visited by users. According to the report, presented by this free online encyclopedia, the article about bitcoin was the ninth in the list of top-pages. To be precise, the page about BTC was viewed over 15 million times.

Interestingly, people read about bitcoin on Wikipedia mostly on December 8. Exactly on that day, the cryptocurrency suffered from the devastating 20% plummet. On that day, bitcoin fell to $14,000 after breaking the record of $17,000.

People Actively Googled What Bitcoin Is

Between January and December 2017 Google’s search scope for bitcoin-related words grew by incredible percentage in comparison to the same period of the previous year. For example, monthly quests concerning the price of bitcoin soared as much as 1,000%, whereas word combinations related to ‘bitcoin USD” saw growth by over 800%.

According to the Google data, last year, each of the word combinations, mentioned above, was looked up for around 1-10 million times monthly. That’s a remarkable surging when compared to the data of 2016. At that time, each of these keywords received just from 100,000 to 1 million monthly searches.

Below you can find the data about how much looking up for each of each of the BTC word combinations grew in 2017.

  1. Between 100 thousand and 1 million searches monthly:
    • current bitcoin – up 895.9%
    • BTC price – up 828.5%
    • sell bitcoins – up 626.5%
    • bitcoin miner – up 590.6%
    • BTC rate – up 510.4%
    • bitcoin calculator – up 471.2%
    • bitcoin rate – up 461.4%
    • buy bitcoin – up 273.5%
    • bitcoin trading – up 170.9%
    • earn bitcoin – up 74.6%
  2. Between 10 thousand and 100 thousand monthly searches:
    • bitcoin market – up 900%
    • BTC chart – up 826.2%
    • currency bitcoin – up 826.1%
    • purchase bitcoin – up 752.5%
    • bitcoin account – up 291.2%
  3. The ‘losers’ in searching:
    • bitcoin mining – up 33.6%
    • bitcoin exchange – up 17.5%
    • bitcoin wallet – up 0.9%

As you can see, such increases may indicate only at the fact that bitcoin becomes more adopted – and if not physically, than informationally. Hopefully, next year will not disappoint in such results. But who knows, maybe if everything moves along smoothly, it would be for the best?

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