Are There Any Cryptocurrencies Except for Bitcoin to Invest Money

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Cryptocurrencies become very popular discussion topic around the world. Many people are interested in the rapid growth rate of digital money. This development helps the entire industry because the more people are interested in bitcoin and altcoins, the higher capitalization of these payment systems will be.

It is not surprising that the leading cryptocurrencies are in demand among users. It is because of several factors: the high liquidity, stability of exchange rate indicators, serious prospects for further progress. Let's consider the most famous cryptocurrencies on the market.

1. Ethereum (ETH)

Cryptocurrency was created as a service, stimulating the emergence of decentralized startups based on the blockchain, on smart contracts base. If bitcoin is of value because of the production complexity and the limited number, the Ethereum becomes the material for the whole industry, as it has huge potential. IBM and Microsoft are interested in Ethereum payment potential in the international arena.

IBM and Microsoft are interested in Ethereum payment potential in the international arena. Every day there are lots of ICOs emerging on the platform.

At the moment the Ethereum capitalization is $28 billion.

2. Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency has formed due to hard forks of Bitcoin. At the beginning of August, the blockchain stratified into two similar chains. Altcoin has a common history with Bitcoin, but on trading platforms, we can see it by name – BCC.

Immediately after the blockchain separation, many trading platforms allow users to use the new Bitcoin Cash tokens that automatically appeared on their balances in equal proportions with regular Bitcoins. For example, the owner of 1BTC automatically receives 1BCC after hard forks.

It is worth noting that today, Bitcoin Cash is prosperous. Although cryptocurrency is not a convenient tool for miners and goes behind Bitcoin, these parameters are normalizing.

3. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is used as an online payment system for gross calculations, as well as other standard financial transactions. The network protocol has existed for about five years, and its primary objective is the safe and speedy information transmission around the world.

Today the company cooperates with several well-known banks and commercial institutions from all around the world, and some large investors invest in cryptocurrency projects. The sharp appreciation of XRP took place in early 2017, and today we see that the capitalization of the project reached $7 billion.

4. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is the network ready for experiments. Even before the new protocol application, this payment system bypassed the bitcoin speed of transactions. Nowadays, the project continues to develop under the guidance of the permanent leader Charlie Lee.

In the last several years, the Litecoin tokens price rarely exceeded $3-4. But in March 2017 readiness for the modern updates introduction drew on many supporters that allowed increasing the cryptocurrency rate more than in 10 times. Now exchanges give around $55 per 1 LTC, and many people are sure of cryptocurrency rate growth.

5. Dash

The first cryptocurrency was called Xcoin, but after rebranding in 2014, the organization was renamed to Darkcoin. To avoid comparisons with Dark Web, the project creators have changed the name again to the Dash in 2015. Among the main advantages of a digital asset, there is a possibility of entirely anonymous transactions, the use of multiple encryptions, easier mining and joint decision-making about the networked future by all its members by voting.Cryptocurrency has a lot of fans that allowed it to grow in several hundred times. Today the DASH rate is about $275 per 1 coin.

6. NEO

NEO took only three months to survive the jump rate in the direction of increasing almost in 20 times. At the moment, 1 NEO cost about $27. There is only a half in free circulation of the 100 million tokens. NEO market capitalization is about $2 billion.

Recently, developers have announced the work completed on changing the product brand. The startup modernized blockchain nodes principles, as well as many other aspects, has facilitated the implementation of "smart" contracts NEO 2.0.

7. NEM (XEM)

Two years ago NEM first gained popularity, distinguishing itself from competitors applied to open source and other technical innovations.

In 2017 there was a significant cryptocurrency upgrade - a Catapult that is based on the transition from Java to C++. The updated product has been tested and has shown the ability to carry out up to 3 thousand operations per second. Initially, in the test mode, the upgrade was in the Mijin network, and then NEM public chain got it.

Besides, COMSA (the service that allows the safe ICO-campaign) is based on the NEM. Today the cryptocurrency price is around $2 billion.

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