Japan’s Internet Giant DMM Launches Bitcoin Exchange With 7 Cryptos

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What could Japanese crypto enthusiasts have dreamt of? Probably, about the emergence of new beneficial exchange platforms, that would allow them to take gains from trading bitcoin and altcoins. This January, it seems, the desirable becomes the reality.

The country’s entertainment titan DMM has set off its own virtual money exchange. Now its customers can enjoy crypto trading, as the platform supports seven types of digital coins as well as 14 trading pairs. And it is not the end: soon e-commerce conglomerate DMM also plans to start off another crypto exchange. This time, it will be for green investors.

Gifts For Those Who Register

The new exchange by the internet company DMM commenced trading this Thursday, January 11. The platform is now functioning under the trademark DMM Bitcoin.

The company prepared a special gift for its supporters to celebrate the launch: all the users, who register a novel account before March 11, are going to receive 1,000 Japanese yen equivalent to $9 from the exchange.

What Does DMM Bitcoin Offer for trading?

There are two ways for DMM clients to trade: using their personal computers or mobile applications, based either on iOS or Android. Here are the currencies that the exchange supports:

  1. bitcoin (BTC)
  2. ripple (XRP)
  3. bitcoin cash (BCH)
  4. ether (ETH)
  5. nem (XEM)
  6. ethereum classic (ETC)
  7. litecoin (LTC)

At the same time, 14 coin pairs are disposable for trading. Besides the above-mentioned virtual currencies trading for the Japanese public currency yen, digital-to-digital trading pairs are supported:

  1. ether – bitcoin
  2. ethereum classic – ether
  3. nem – bitcoin
  4. ripple – bitcoin
  5. litecoin – bitcoin
  6. ethereum classic – bitcoin
  7. bitcoin cash – bitcoin

As News.Bitcoin.com informs, referring to DMM’s report, the conglomerate’s exchange practices “Simplex Cryptocurrency” trading platform, offered by the self-titled company. It provides business management schemes, common investors as well as dealing systems with trading instruments.

It turns out that DMM was the premier buyer of Simplex novel service, which offers virtual money trading system. Before, the company was only offering its clients FX trading and safety systems. Among its customers were such fin services firms and prominent banks as Matsui Securities, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and GMO Group.

One More Player to Enter the Game

It is anticipated that this spring another DMM’s exchange will be put in place, The Company’s affiliate Next Currency applied for the record of a new platform for trading named Cointap. This week the application was submitted to the financial body of Japan.

The new exchange will aim at those, who will want to start piling, firstly, into bitcoin or to cash it out. The service will be available for smartphones, letting the customers effortlessly purchase and vend digital money. The company also highlighted that its target audience is investors, who are not that much experienced in trading and piling. As long as there are lots of exchanges, that focus on sharks of the crypto market, Cointap, instead, will make the life of newcomers simpler. It promises that the services will be easy to understand and use.

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