Brother of Infamous Pablo Escobar Launches DDX, Blaming US Gov’t For Creating BTC

Brother of Infamous Pablo Escobar Launches DDX, Blaming US Gov’t For Creating BTC

Another known personality endeavors to enter the world of cyber assets. The sibling of a scandalous Colombian narco kingpin Pablo Escobar – the 71-year-old Roberto Escobar, has established his own virtual coins.

The execution of a BTC’s disjunctive, hard fork DDX – dietbitcoin – was approved on Thursday by Escobar’s investment company representative in conversation with the TheNextWeb journalist.

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What Do We Know About DDX?

On the Escobar’s site for the cyber-coin, there can be found a PDF 281-page book, called: “The True Story by Roberto Escobar: Pablo Escobar’s Dietbitcoin.”

In the subtitle of the book, it is boldly claimed that after earning $100 billion, Escobar decided to establish DDX.

Escobar Decided to “Blame It On” The CIA

It is also noteworthy that the whitepaper of dietbitcoin is also available. In it, Escobar makes surprising claims impertinently. In particular, he claimed that bitcoin was developed by the US authorities.

Escobar also affirmed that when the CIA understands that people all over the globe solved their mystery, CIA will sell out all BTC coins.

“That’s why I am creating my own cryptocurrency called dietbitcoin (DDX),” concluded he.

Time For ICO

According to papers, on the whole, the quantity of coins is to be 1.8 million with a supply capitalization of 21 million.

At present, the new coin is running an ICO, including three laps. Each round envisages 1 million DDX units as the capitalization for the crowdsale:

  1. Pre-ICO lap 1
    • A whole of 300,000 coins ($2 per unit, though originally there was a $50 offer)
  2. Pre-ICO lap 2
    • 300,000 coins ($100 per unit)
  3. ICO
    • 400,000 tokens ($1,000 per unit)

Satoshi Relations

Also, in the book Escobar claims that Satoshi Nakamoto approached him through a person, who Escobar calls “El Conejo.” According to narcotic trafficker words, Nakamoto’s approach to him was a probe by the US gov’t to intrude into his corporation.

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