New Crypto Hanacoin to Be Launched on June 12

New Crypto Hanacoin to Be Launched on June 12

As the world is expecting four countries – South Korea, North Korea, the US, and China – to fashion a peace agreement at their Singapore meeting, new crypto is going to be launched on the same day – June 12.

The novel crypto is Hanacoin, which translates from the Korean language as “one” coin. It is a startup, based in South Korea, that promises to bring changes to the existing crypto-ecosystem.

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Hanacoin to See The World

The startup’s team has decided to launch Hanacoin right on June 12, as it might become a historic day in lives of the Koreans. The yet-to-be-launched coin is predominantly directed at young adults, who will be able to use Hanacoin for storing their funds in it as well as use it as a payment system.

What is So Special About Hanacoin?

The new crypto-startup from South Korea claims the new coin can be mined with the help of GPU and the Lyra2Rev2 algorithm.

Hanacoin is developed to be ASIC resistant. Moreover, the coin will be able to adapt to hash power increases almost instantly, and that’s due to its Dark Gravity Wave V3 difficulty adjustment algorithm.

And that is not all. The startup’s team says the coin will concentrate on such niches as eSports, sports, and music as well as it will resort to aggressive marketing tactics.

Also, the developers note that there won’t be any need for an agreement from rivaling groups as the coin is flexible enough to adapt to the optimal technology available.

Another interesting fact is that its devs are going to keep control over the coin by letting it be ASIC resistant.

Finally, Hanacoin will be given back to the community via donations, the devs explained.

What Are Hanacoin’s Ambitions?

According to the startup's information, Hanacoin will:

  • be accepted as the prevalent form of virtual coins
  • be utilized for immediate transactions (and the fees are expected to be either very low or absent at all)
  • obey to regulators and even collaborate with them
  • integrate with existing tap and go payment systems

Educating Devs & Encouraging Miners

Before the launch, the Hanacoin devs have been setting off a graduate program with regional universities in South Korea to produce a new generation of developers.

Hanacoin might reportedly become a transparent coin with public ledgers that will comply with all regulatory red tape. In the meantime, the startup’s team is encouraging miners to join the Hanacoin mining.

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