BTC Starter Kits & Crypto ATMs: House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

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Bitcoin-beginners in Amsterdam can now seek support in the House of Nakamoto, a newly opened branch of the Austrian self-titled project. The latter guides newcomers through the entrance to the crypto-world, provides them with «starter kits» (hardware wallet loaded with crypto-money) and shares bitcoin-tips.

Learn Bitcoin-Basics in Amsterdam

From the outset, the House of Nakamoto was opened in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to serve the needs of crypto-newbies in the lively shopping area of the city. Now the project has opened its branch in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, another crypto-enthusiastic European capital. According to BTC Echo, the House will serve there as:

  • a bitcoin info-centre
  • a retail store for cyber-money-related products
  • Bitcoin museum

Besides getting advice from the House’s consultants, visitors can acquire their first wallets as well as coins themselves. The House also offers special «starter kits» for crypto-newbies. These include:

  • Bitcoin booklets
  • Hardware wallets (Ledger)
  • Bitcoin gift cards (with virtual money worth 15 euros)

Among other products, that the Amsterdam store offers, are paper wallets with BTC address and an adequate private key. This product the store dubs «bitcoin securities».

Bitcoin ATMs can also be found both in Vienna and Amsterdam, according to reports. However, in the Austrian store, it is possible to purchase cryptos only, while in the Netherlands one can also sell their coins. The ATMs in the House of Nakamoto and its branch deal with:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ether
  • Litecoin
  • Dash

Before heading the stores, one needs to know that they have limits on operations with ATMs. It is not possible to purchase or sell more than 15,000 euros a day via BATM, no more than 5,000 euros per transaction.

The choice of Amsterdam as a venue for opening the House of Nakamoto’s branch is not surprising. The city has established itself as a crypto-friendly place with one of the best cyber-money and blockchain infrastructures. Moreover, Amsterdam often holds crypto-conferences and other events for digital assets bulls. With the opening of the House of Nakamoto, perhaps, the integration of bitcoin into the European community will deepen even more.

Image Source: BTC Echo

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