ICO Sapien: Return of Freedom of Speech to the Internet

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An autonomous platform is a hybrid of a news portal and social network, where high-quality content is encouraged by internal cryptocurrency, and moderation is made by Sapien users - Utopia? No, the near future!

Ankit Batiya, the head of the sapien.network project said:

It would be a social network of the 21st century, where each participant can independently choose a suitable role: to be the author of the content and receive a reward, to be a moderator and also receive a reward in the form of SPN tokens, to be simply an investor or even an ordinary anonymous user.

The project identifies four main values:

  1. Equality and public council;
  2. Anonymity;
  3. Freedom of speech;
  4. Flexibility in personalization.

The project's cryptocurrency is called SPN. It is based on the erc20 protocol, which means it can be stored in any ethereum-wallet.

Pre-sale of SPN tokens is planned for the period from January 31 to February 15 and will be accompanied by the accrual of 20% of the bonus.

The ICO will start on March 3 (to April 3) 2018, during which 50,000,000 SPN tokens will be placed for sale.

Sapien accepts Etherium and Bitcoin, as well as alternative currencies through the partner of the project - shapeshift.io. Pay attention - it is impossible to send the cryptocurrency directly from the exchanges Poloniex and Coinbase.

A total of 45% of tokens are allocated for sale, 30% are reserved for internal service needs, 20% are assigned to the team, and 5% are required in Bounty. More than half of the funds received during the placement will be directed to developing and improving the service, and 15% will be invested in marketing.

Tokens issued by the project will be placed on all major crypto-exchange exchanges: at the moment, the final details are being coordinated, and preparations for placement are in progress.

The key advantages can be reduced to this list:

  • Decentralization;
  • 2 modes of operation: public and private;
  • Encrypt all data;
  • The absence of forbidden subjects and the encouragement of authors in the pursuit of the expression of personal opinion.

The project got almost the maximum ratings in popular ICO ratings: TrackICO put out 5/5, ICOExpert awarded ratings at 4.7 / 5, and ICOMarks awarded Sapien 7.8 out of 8 possible points.

Special attention should be paid to the consultants of the project: the main adviser is the general director of the Indian division eBay - Latif Nathani, as well as Christian Ferry - the founder of BlockOne Ventures, Gregory Berkin of Concours Ventures and other eminent specialists.

Information Source: Sapien Network

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