MARK SPACE Starts Token Sales

MARK SPACE  Starts Token Sales

The modern world has known virtual reality for more than twenty years. But it never got mass distribution due to weak technical characteristics of hardware and complexity and limited generation of VR-content. Now times have changed, and modern developers are releasing high-quality products to the market, personal devices of hundreds of millions of users have become 1000 times more powerful.

However, users still face the following problems:

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  1. The production of 3D / VR-content is handled by specialized and expensive developers, which are not so many
  2. To consume this content, special, often expensive equipment is required
  3. To consume 3D / VR content, you need to download special programs, applications, clients and run on powerful hardware.

The solution of these problems is the MARK.SPACE project

MARK.SPACE is the world's first platform for creating 3D / VR compatible sites (units). Also, it is also a project with the same name, in which all these sites (units) are gathered together. MARK.SPACE is an alternative reality, available in any browser, without pre-installation and registration. This is a world where is everything - shops, offices, banks, cinemas, clubs, exhibitions, games, communities of interest and personal spaces of users. The purpose, functionality, and appearance of units (sites) are limited only by the imagination of the owner of the unit.

Why did MARK.SPACE appear?

The content was generated by the people themselves: youtube and Instagram replaced TV and other media and news resources, E-Bay replaced newspapers and large retailers, AIRBNB replaced hotels, and so on. But before MARK.SPACE there was no mass platform for creating 3D / VR sites/projects.

VR - trend, request for content, progress in development

VR / AR is a global trend. According to IDC forecasts, the VR / AR market will grow from the current 11.4 to 215 billion dollars in 2021. In recent years, the quality of VR-content has grown very fast, and most importantly appeared mass not very expensive devices from several leading manufacturers (HTC, Oculus, Samsung, etc.) The largest IT giants spend millions of dollars on this technology, and Facebook will soon launch a VR version of its social network.

The request for 3D / VR content from companies and ordinary users has grown tens or even hundreds of times. Personal devices of users have become powerful devices capable of supporting massive technologies. All this suggests that the potential audience of the MARK.SPACE platform is tens and hundreds of millions of people around the world, and the market is estimated at tens and hundreds of billions of dollars.

The MARK.SPACE platform is based on the following principles:

  • Availability from any device without a preset
  • The availability of any position (or unit) in the universe through a specific web address
  • High realistic visual design of the project (as close as possible to real life)
  • Easy "weight" platform (important for speed of work and saving Internet traffic)
  • Openness (the ability to implement its functionality)
  • Transparency of financial flows (blockchain, MRK token)
  • Decentralization of communities on a platform

Information Source: MARK.SPACE

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