Microsoft Releases Dev Kit to Connect Users to Blockchain

Microsoft Releases Dev Kit to Connect Users to Blockchain

The American technological titan Microsoft has finally introduced its development kit dubbed Azure. Azure functions without a server and is powered by unaltered ledger. The company made a release-related announcement on November 15.

Microsoft to Connect Individuals to Blockchain

Just a few months ago, as the end of the summer, Azure presented its PoA algorithm on the Ethereum ledger product that reportedly allows DApps more efficiently for private nets. Now Microsoft released skit to help users connect to DLT.

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The novel development kid Azure by Microsoft supposedly perfects the capacities of its Azure Blockchain Workbench. The set has such characteristics as:

  • Off-chain identity and data
  • Monitoring, as well as
  • messaging app programming interfaces (API)

The latter can be applied for elaborating apps based on DLT.

In the official post on November 15, Microsoft also unveiled that the original release will be about top three goals: 

  1. Connect interfaces
  2. Integrate data and systems
  3. Apply smart contracts and DLT nets

Supposedly, the kit will also help users as well as entities and devices to connect to an unaltered ledger. That will be done via user interfaces. The company assures Azure contains:

  • voice and messaging services
  • IoT gadget integration 
  • Bots
  • Virtual helpers
  • Support for mobile users

Moreover, the American tech giant also embedded Workbench integration scenarios into the novel «dev-set». This is the representation of the smart contract interaction. The scenarios were included in areas like:

  • legacy apps and protocols
  • data
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • registries
  • Finally, the company presented a white paper called “DevOps for Blockchain Smart Contracts.” In it, it is elucidated how to apply the dev kit for apps which function on DLT.

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