Wanted Truth About BTC? Nakamoto Allegedly Promises to Write a Book

Wanted Truth About BTC? Nakamoto Allegedly Promises to Write a Book

The illustrious father of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is allegedly preparing himself (themselves?) to write a book, telling people all the truth regarding the world’s first cyber asset. He might release the book if the community is interested in it. Or he might not.

All this comes out from a message published on possibly linked to Satoshi Nakamoto website nakamotofamilyfoundation.org.

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As it is known, Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym used by bitcoin’s creator or a group of creators to remain anonymous, and there is a possibility the yet-to-be-written scripture will unveil their identity.

A Mysterious Message

On the site mentioned above, it is said that a "first excerpt to a literary work consisting of two parts" will be published to answer most popular questions of the society regarding bitcoin and its father. Apart from providing general details on the unreleased book, the message also includes a cryptogram – a simple puzzle which will uncover names related to the title of the book to those who solves it.

The answer to this mere “enigma” is “honne and tatamae." As it is explained in Wikipedia, this is a transliteration of a Japanese expression which describes inconsistency between individual’s genuine feelings and grandstanding.

But most importantly, in a message dated June 29, there has also been shared a link to the first excerpt of the book, which is called “Duality.”

What Does The Excerpt Say?

The first published excerpt starts with the meaningful claim: “It was inevitable.”

Names of pioneers of early virtual currency research are also mentioned, including Adam Back, Wei Dai, David Chaum and Hal Finney.

But most importantly, there are allegedly unveiled unknown facts about the creator of the first digital asset that has shaken up the world.

Nakamoto’s Secrets Presented

In the 21-page excerpt, it is claimed that the father of bitcoin was a part of the cypherpunk movement when he was 14. Nakamoto’s alleged mother is described as an author, whereas the grandmother as the constitutor of a tiny publishing company.

It is said in the excerpt that Nakamoto started writing about bitcoin when he was in his 20s working as a university researcher in a laboratory.

The author says there were lots of trials to create the first digital coin, but all of them failed. And that Nakamoto managed to do is the merit of the fact that he appeared to be in the right place and at the right time.

Also, the author debunked claimed that Satoshi Nakamoto is the real name. He went on to emphasize that it’s not a “legal name,” but the “essence of thoughts and reason.” It is explained that the creator of BTC chose the name Satoshi Nakamoto as it was the equivalent to “John Smith” in the Western world.

By the way, the author mentions how vital anonymity was for him at the age of computerization. Perhaps, that was the reason which pushed Nakamoto to launch the blockchain-bitcoin project.

Bitcoin ‘s Success Could Have Been a Surprise for Nakamoto

The fragment also contains lots of unproven details concerning the dawn of bitcoin.

It is said that initially blockchain was named the “time chain,” whereas a fork was referred to as a “branch point.” At the same time, the supply limit of 21 million BTC units, the author says, was just an “educated guess.”

The person who wrote the excerpt also suggests Satoshi Nakamoto could have been at some point a group of people. Nevertheless, the success of the project, according to the first part of the book, was a total surprise for Nakamoto.

The success of bitcoin, the author says, took him completely by surprise.

Is The Fragment Authentic?

Several media outlets have tried to verify the authenticity of the message and the first part of the book released so unexpectedly. For example, Bloomberg News has stated that it failed to check the genuineness of both, whereas Wired carried out its own investigation to find the truth.

Wired has found out that the domain of the site, where the insight into the book was published, had been purchased by an anonymous person a couple of days before via Amazon’s domain registrar.

The outlet also states that the identity of a person, who released the latest mysterious message, has nothing to do with three main Nakamoto suspects, identified earlier. It means that the “new Nakamoto” isn’t Craig Wright (three years ago this Australian academic proclaimed himself Nakamoto), Nick Szabo or Dorian Nakamoto, a person identified by Newsweek.

Also, to verify the authentic style of Nakamoto’s writing (firstly seen in bitcoin’s white paper dates less than a decade ago), Wired turned to members of the early bitcoin community. While some refused to comment, like Gavin Andresen, one of the project pioneers, others, including pioneer Adam Back and the wife of Hal Finney, the first person who received bitcoin transaction from Nakamoto and who passed away in 2014, didn’t manage to confirm the authenticity of the writing.

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