Snoop Dogg To Perform Live At Ripple’s VIP Event

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Snoop Dogg is going to perform live at a closed crypto-event, hosted by the company which runs the third most valuable cyber-coin in the world – Ripple.

It is not the first time when celebrities of such scope get spotted dealing with cryptos. Earlier Lionel Richie, DJ Khaled, and Steven Seagal played their role in promoting the promising yet volatile virtual assets.

Snoop To Take The Floor At A VIP Ripple Gathering

Ripple has proudly announced that on May 15, just in three weeks as of writing, it is organizing “XRP Community Night” in New York. Only the invited individuals will be able to attend, and those who come will be entertained by American rapper Snoop Dogg.

According to the statement of the company, which recently promised to pile $25 million into a blockchain-startup, intends to arrange a getting-together for all those, who have been assisting Ripple in developing the XRP ledger as well as the xRapid platform. Moreover, there will be invited all individuals who promote the XRP coin and related projects to it.

Even though the event is expected to be closed and for VIP exclusively, there still is a chance for an ordinary mortal to get a ticket for it. Ripple is going to run two contests on Twitter – “Twitter Trivia” and “Make the Meme" (will be held on April 26 and May 2 accordingly), – in which users will be able to compete for ten single tickets. So those who are both Snoop Dogg’s fans and crypto-enthusiasts will be able to combine business with pleasure.

Ripple Caroling Its Own Achievements

In the official blog post, the team of Ripple didn’t confine itself to informing about the event merely. In the statement, the company praised its own accomplishments like the speed-up of its coin XRP and more:

“XRP is uniquely set apart. Proven faster (seconds vs. minutes), more scalable (1,500 transactions per second) and less costly (fractions of a penny) than other digital assets, XRP is ideally suited for removing friction from global payments.”

The team also emphasized that the achievements of XRP are way bigger than of Ripple itself as its ledger had been established before the company was formed. The reps also added that XRP Ledger “has always been and will always be an open-source project that exists independently of the company.”

In the letter, it was also said that everything with what Ripple/XRP can show off with is what a “growing community” has been enabling. And it, apparently, includes various financial institutions, devs, wallets, cyber money trading venues, businesspeople, educators and so on.

Therefore, to express its gratitude for helping Ripple advance in the eyes of the public, the company will host what is called a “special event.” Among the guests, there are expected to be those who:

  1. build liquidity
  2. validate remittances
  3. develop on the XRP Ledger
  4. look to xRapid as a liquidity solution
  5. promote XRP

And, apparently, rapping world mogul Snoop Dogg.

Showbiz Involved In Crypto Industry

Inviting household names to crypto-events is not a novel trend at all, so Snoop Dogg is just another one in the long list of stars that have ever promoted cryptos. Let’s take a handful of examples:

It is a popular strategy to involve celebrities into ICO and crypto-projects. Therefore, the SEC warned all cyber-money enthusiasts that in some cases even the stars might not know that they are dealing with fraudsters.

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