7 Tokens to Invest in 2018

7 Tokens to Invest in 2018

Large players of the cryptocurrency market are trying to understand the true situation and separate the real token deals from scam.

Coindesk has spoken with Boost VC, Compound VC, and Pantera Capital to find out about the change in the crypto market and to get a better understanding what tokens are worth investing in.

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Here are 7 tokens to invest in


Another security-focused token to open its public sale soon (in early 2018) is NuCypher.

The company has already commercialized proxy re-encryption, which can encrypt your keys and then delegate access to these keys with others people in more traditional verticals. Now it wants to adapt the product to smart contracts.


Stream wants to radically change the structure of incentives for user-generated video, decentralize process from the beginning to the end through the use of the blockchain.

At this point, Stream sits underneath YouTube and Facebook, allowing videomakers to earn money either from advertising or direct support of the audience, the last new source of income for most videomakers.

But for this to work, Stream needs a cryptocurrency token to monetize the platform. And it will control the emission of the marker to engage on the platform more effectively.


The "sharing economy" is less and more about annuity market intermediaries take a significant reduction, or at least that's how the team at Origin sees it.

Origin wants to change that, hoping to decentralize the sharing economy with ethereum by creating a peer-to-peer network to execute the transactions directly for just about anything.

To prove that it works, the team expects that it will probably have to build one of these verticals itself, but it hopes that it will encourage other entrepreneurs to build more.


Orchid claims to have a possibility of observing free Internet. This product will allow Internet users to circumvent the spying and censorship with more reliable network nodes in the Tor project network because it will pay people for sharing unused bandwidth. Giving people a reason to put their computers on the network when they are not in use, in theory, can make so create nodes on your network that surveillance would become impossible.

Orchid is a "utility token," which means that it will provide token owners with the use of the platform.

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