Top 10 Documentaries About Bitcoin and its Brethren

Top 10 Documentaries About Bitcoin and its Brethren

Each day bitcoin and its ilks receive a reasonable level of fanfare. Since the beginning of 2017, the father of all the cryptocurrencies grew in price by over 1,400%, stirring bubble talks all over the world. Established by an anonymous person (or a group of people) under a pseudo name Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin is understood to have been aimed at substituting banks transactions. Its peer to peer network system is endangering the world’s current financial system as in the future it may leave banks without a job, as there might be no need for transaction validation anymore.

On the other hand, blockchain technology, which is a core of bitcoin, is engaging more and more virtual capital investors and developers. For example, not long ago Apple submitted an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office concerning the program, which might have similar peculiarities with renowned blockchain. By the end of 2017 two respectful futures exchanges, Cboe Global Markets Inc. and CME Group Inc., have been allowed to trade bitcoin-based contracts.

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By now the whole bitcoin and altcoins industry is valued at about $630 billion. Being, as some may say, overrated, the father of cryptocurrencies is pushing the prices of his closest peers, ethereum, and bitcoin cash, up and up. Therefore, disputes over the possibility of bitcoin to “blow out” as a bubble keep are becoming more and more popular. Because of all the frenzy around this currency and the whole cryptosystem, plenty of documenters and movie makers have hung on the chance to explain bitcoin enigma as well as to describe benefits and drawbacks of the revolution in technology and banking system.

So here are the best 10 documentaries about the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

A 2014 film by Nicholas Mross describes computer programmer’s passionate interest in bitcoin and his involvement in the cryptosystem. Therefore, it documents all the bitcoin-connected events that have been cheered or booed by media. You will learn about the imminent worldwide influence of the most magnificent technological enigma of the internet epoch through the eyes of a real person, who gets involved in cryptocurrency community.

Life On Bitcoin

A couple launched a social experiment trying to live on the digital currency for 100 days. See, whether they survived, in this engrossing documentary.

Banking On Bitcoin

This documentary demonstrates the players who are determining to which extent Bitcoin will shape the lives of the world’s citizens. The director Christopher Cannucciari sheds light on the ideological battle which is taking place behind the scenes between utopists and trunk capitalism. Watching this 2016 film, you will also get an opportunity to learn about the very first adopters of bitcoin technology.

The Bitcoin Experiment

Released in 2016, this documentary tells us about a social experiment regarding bitcoin. It shows how an average citizen will acquire freedom due to the fast-forwarding currency.

The Bitcoin Gospel

Created in 2015, this Dutch film questions the possibility of ordinary citizens to make transactions without bank service. It follows the path of Rodger Ver, who has devoted his life to advocating for bitcoin. Watching it, you will also get an insight into the mining world of China. In general, this documentary demonstrates evidence and testimony which portray bitcoin not as a currency but as a movement of people who wish to change the nature of the world capitalism.

Magic Money

This Australian film explores the mysterious origins of bitcoin and its role in the society. At the same time, it points out at the question whether the father of altcoins was indeed created to serve the ordinary people.

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

If you don't understand how the controversial bitcoin functions, this film will help you to learn about money and cryptocurrencies in an informative and concise way. It also gives a description of how bitcoin was invented and managed to blow away the minds of people all over the world. The aim of two co-directors, Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis, was to show the audience how much cryptocurrencies will endanger the well-established monetary and financial systems.

History Of Bitcoin

From the inception to the present day of revolutionary currency software – that’s what you will learn about thanks to this engaging film.

The Bitcoin Story

The history, the technology and the collision between the politics of early-adopters, virtual capitalists, and the entrepreneurs, hastening to jump on bitcoin mainstream, – that’s what is covered in this film. The documentary tries to find the answer to the question whether Silicon Valley and Wall Street will manage to neutralize the radical politics surrounding bitcoin.

Bitcoin Heist

If in traditional banks the thieves are gangsters, then in the bitcoin world, they are hackers. In this action film, you will see how an Interpol agent will try to catch an infamous online pirate known as the Ghost.

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