Stock Market or Bitcoin – Survey Shows What Americans Trust in More

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Against the background that Wall Street has attempted to reign in Bitcoin’s light as two exchanges have launched Bitcoin futures trading, a survey among US citizens has shown that those polled trust Bitcoin less than the stock market. However, that gap is quite tenuous.

Another interesting conclusion is that a bit more than a half of the survey participants have ever owned or would like to own the “father of all cryptocurrencies”. It is especially relevant as not long ago Bitcoin shot to $20,000, increasing by 1,700% in price since the start of the year as well as stirring new disputes whether it’s a bubble or not.

Here are the most interesting results from Toluna survey, conducted since December 12 among 2,000 Americans.

Stock Market vs. Bitcoin

It seems that in the foreseeable future the margin between those who trust stock market and Bitcoin supporters will vanish. According to Toluna, which is among the most prominent market research companies in the world under ITPW brand, 43% out of respondents 900 trust Bitcoin as much as the other 57% trust stock market.

An Appealing investment?

Among 900 responses, about 26% (237 people) pointed that they already own an amount of Bitcoin, while almost 25% (223 respondents) revealed that they were considering investing in this cryptocurrency even though they haven’t had experience of interacting with it. At the same time, about 42% of respondents indicated that they neither own Bitcoin nor they planned on buying it.


68% of respondents (out of 519) believe that Bitcoin is an attractive investment because it’s global. The other appealing features of Bitcoin are that it’s digital (around 64% participants), anonymous (56%), and is easy to transfer (42%).

Nevertheless, the anonymity of Bitcoin became its worst enemy. About 46% of 519 respondents are concerned about this factor when they think about piling into this digital coin. The other concerns are that somebody may delete it (44%) and it is not regulated (44%).

How much are people ready to invest in Bitcoin?

One of the key points was that the majority of respondents (42% out of 519 people) are still willing to invest only $1,000 or less in “Daddy of cryptocurrencies”. Almost 21% are ready to pile into Bitcoin up to $5,000, whereas only 8% would invest over $100,000.

Bitcoin in view of technological advances

Around 51% of respondents (out of 2006) claimed that they were more familiar with iPhoneX among all the given innovations, about 56% voted for Smart Watches, while almost 45%, which is 900 people, said they were familiar with Bitcoin.

Are the results credible?

There might be some doubts concerning the representativeness and timeliness of the survey. However, no one can say how long the one should last, but at least this one gives a timely snapshot. Regarding representativeness, it’s necessary to mention that the survey capped at 2,000 responses from all over the US. 35% of them represent the South, 23% – North-East, almost 22% are from Mid/West and 21% from West.

The most active participants of the poll come from such states as California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and others. Interestingly, the female participants made up 64%, while males were represented by 36%.

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