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Ripple Launches Real-Time XRP Payment Simulation Tool

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Ripple has unveiled a new feature in its Ripple Payments API, enabling developers to test XRP transactions in real-time without using actual funds. Ripple announced the “Try it Before You Buy It” feature yesterday, targeting developers and potential customers. This addition to its API documentation provides a hands-on experience for developers testing Ripple Payments services. The feature is accessible on the reference documentation pages for Ripple Payments API, Report Service API, and Smart Liquidation Service API.

Convenient Testing With Mock Server

With the “Try it” feature, development teams can send API requests to a mock server and receive realistic responses without signing in or obtaining API credentials. This tool offers a convenient way for new developers to explore the API directly from the reference documentation. They can swiftly experiment with endpoint reactions without leaving the documentation page.

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Previously, developers had to complete the contracting process to obtain API credentials before testing Ripple Payments APIs. This requirement has now been removed, providing a more accessible testing tool. Ripple anticipates this feature will significantly reduce integration time frames, allowing developers to conduct autonomous testing before going live.

Enhanced Understanding Of Ripple APIs

The mock server responses help developers understand how Ripple APIs structure responses and how modifying request parameters affects these responses. This knowledge prepares developers for successful integration with Ripple Payments, Ripple’s proprietary solution leveraging XRP and other crypto assets.

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Ripple introduced Ripple Payments in the last quarter of 2023, replacing the well-known On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) software to serve a broader customer base. The latest API update, now available as a lightweight testing tool, encourages customers to “try it before they buy it.”

Ripple’s new “Try it Before You Buy It” feature simplifies the testing process, enhances understanding of API responses, and accelerates integration time frames. This tool offers developers a practical and accessible way to test Ripple Payments, setting them up for successful integration.

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