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Shiba Inu Marketing Lead Shares Strategies for Bearish Market

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Bearish days are challenging in the digital currency ecosystem, often causing investors to lose faith. In response, Shiba Inu’s Marketing Lead, Lucie, has offered practical advice for community members to withstand the current bearish trend.

Bear market days typically feature prolonged periods where Shiba Inu ends the trading day in the red. Currently, Shiba Inu has dropped by 0.34% over the past 24 hours and over 15% in the past week.

Focus on Long-Term Goals

Lucie advises long-term investors to stay away from the market during these times. Instead, she suggests focusing on long-term goals. For the Shiba Inu community, the ultimate goal is reaching the one-cent price mark. Achieving this requires significant SHIB burning and the addition of enough use cases to the market.

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Lucie stresses the importance of self-education during bear markets. She recommends limiting exposure to social media, where fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) often spread. Additionally, she advocates for portfolio diversification to mitigate risks.

Stay Positive And Reflect On Market Cycles

Remaining connected with positive communities and practicing discipline is crucial, according to Lucie. When necessary, taking breaks can help investors reflect on past market cycles and improve their strategies. Shiba Inu, as a financial market product, will not remain down indefinitely. 

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With its strong correlation to Bitcoin (BTC), it is likely to follow any bullish recovery of the premier coin. Moreover, Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Ethereum-based layer-2 scaling solution, serves as a significant catalyst for potential recovery.

By following Lucie’s advice and focusing on long-term goals, self-education, and positive community engagement, investors can better navigate the challenges of bearish days. The strategies outlined can help the Shiba Inu community stay resilient until the market turns bullish again.

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