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Shiba Inu Nears Launch of Play-to-Earn Game “Shiba Eternity”

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Shiba Eternity Breaks Silence with Exciting Update Announcement

The Shiba Inu ecosystem team has announced exciting progress on its upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) Collectible Card Game (CCG), “Shiba Eternity.” Lucie, Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, shared in an X post that the blockchain version of Shiba Eternity is close to launching. This new version promises enhanced features compared to the mobile version released in October 2022, where players earn ‘Kibbles.’

Upcoming Features Of Shiba Eternity

Lucie highlighted several potential features of the new blockchain version. First, the game will introduce the TREAT token, which will be a key component. Players can earn TREAT while playing, unlike the mobile version where they earn Kibbles. Second, the new version will integrate Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) into the game store, allowing players to buy in-game assets using BONE.

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Furthermore, the importance of Shiboshi ownership will be emphasized. Players must own genuine Shiboshi NFTs or rent them from holders to interact with other Shiboshis within the game. We expect this new approach to enhance the game’s interactive experience.

Additionally, the launch of Shiba Eternity on Shibarium is anticipated to significantly increase the network’s transaction volume, potentially leading to considerable SHIB burns. However, Lucie cautioned that these details are speculative and subject to change.

Current Status And Future Plans

The development team has been diligently working to prepare for the blockchain version of Shiba Eternity. They have been identifying and fixing bugs through ongoing in-house testing, with beta testing scheduled to begin in Q2 2024. After completing beta testing and resolving all bugs, the team will decide on the launch date for the P2E version on Shibarium’s mainnet. In December, Lucie projected that the game could launch this year, depending on the completion of beta testing and bug fixes. 

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This gradual approach ensures that the final product will meet the community’s expectations and deliver a seamless gaming experience.

The upcoming Shiba Eternity aims to not only provide an engaging P2E gaming experience but also enhance the utility of Shiba Inu’s ecosystem tokens like TREAT and BONE. As the team continues to make strides, the Shiba Inu community eagerly awaits the game’s debut on Shibarium.

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