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Shiba Inu Set to Address SHIB Army in Historic Twitter Spaces Event

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In a groundbreaking move, the official Shiba Inu X account has called upon the SHIB community for a monumental discourse, marking its debut appearance on Twitter Spaces. Scheduled for today at 7:00 PM UTC, this event promises to be a pivotal moment for the community.

The verified Shiba Inu X handle urges enthusiasts to mark their calendars and participate in this historic event. Anticipation mounts as the Shiba Inu team prepares to take attendees on a nostalgic journey through SHIB’s inception and evolution.

K9 Finance DAO to Host Electrifying Event

The host of this event is K9 Finance DAO, a key partner and validator on the Shibarium blockchain.

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While excitement brews among the SHIB Army, speculation looms regarding who will represent the SHIB team during the discourse. However, past events, like the Shibarium unveiling where Shytoshi Kusama addressed the community using an AI voice, fuel curiosity about the mode of communication.

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Curiosity Surrounds Mode of Communication and Topics

Furthermore, intrigue surrounds the mode of communication: will the Shiba Inu team use a natural human voice or opt for an AI voice? Amidst the excitement, community members eagerly anticipate discussions about BONE, Shibarium’s gas token, speculating on its significance within the ecosystem.

As the countdown to the event begins, anticipation reaches its peak within the Shiba Inu community. Moreover, with promises of epic tales and electrifying revelations, the SHIB Army eagerly awaits the historic moment when Shiba Inu speaks for the very first time.

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