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Shiba Inu’s Partner K9 Joins Shibarium as Validator, Launches 420M KNINE Giveaway

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Shiba Inu's Ally K9 Joins Shibarium, Launches KNINE Contest

K9 Finance DAO, in collaboration with Shiba Inu, announces a massive giveaway campaign coinciding with its new role as a node validator on the popular L2 blockchain platform, Shibarium.

K9 Finance DAO introduces a giveaway contest boasting a prize pool of 420 million KNINE tokens, valued at $15,246. Participants can vie for a share of this pool by completing specific social media and trading tasks.

Details of the Giveaway Tasks

Upon logging into TaskOn, interested individuals can choose between two tasks. For the first task, a minimum purchase of $1,000 worth of KNINE tokens on Uniswap v3 is required, followed by a social media task involving tweeting about K9. Alternatively, participants with limited funds can opt for the second task, necessitating a $100 purchase of KNINE and a subsequent retweet of a designated post.

Winners stand a chance to win grand prizes of 300 million KNINE tokens or smaller rewards of 20 million KNINE tokens each for five participants. Additionally, rewards include $500 in USDT and various tokens from K9’s partners. K9’s transition into a Shibarium validator signifies a significant milestone for both entities. This move bolsters the network’s security, contributing to its overall stability and efficiency.

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Recently, Shibarium underwent a crucial hard fork, bolstering its functionality with features such as stabilized transaction fees and improved speed. Consequently, this upgrade ensures a smoother user experience while also strengthening the network’s security measures.

K9 and Shiba Inu Collaboration

Over time, the partnership between K9 and Shiba Inu has grown stronger. K9 is now Shiba Inu’s official partner for liquid staking and derivatives. Key figures from Shiba Inu now advise K9, deepening their relationship.

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K9 is actively working on launching its liquid staking platform on Shibarium, aimed at increasing the network’s total value locked (TVL) and offering lucrative rewards to stakers. The rollout of K9’s staking dApp is anticipated later this year.

With K9’s integration as a Shibarium validator and the launch of its giveaway campaign, the collaboration between K9 Finance DAO and Shiba Inu continues to evolve, promising exciting developments for both communities in the realm of decentralized finance.

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