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Shiba Inu’s Shibarium: Unprecedented Daily Account Surge Sets New Milestone

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In a remarkable display of resilience amid a bearish crypto market, Shibarium, the blockchain ecosystem associated with Shiba Inu, experienced an unprecedented surge in new accounts. On a single day, over 13,000 new accounts joined the network, setting a new record for daily growth. 

It’s crucial to understand the distinction between externally owned accounts (EOAs) and smart contract wallets within the Shibarium network. While both are integral parts of the ecosystem, EOAs are standard user accounts controlled by private keys, capable of initiating transactions. Smart contract wallets, on the other hand, are addresses designed to hold funds and execute predefined code autonomously.

Periods of Sharp Growth

Since its inception in August of the previous year, Shibarium has experienced three significant spikes in externally owned account growth. The first surge occurred shortly after launch, with over 5,500 new accounts created in a single day, followed by a steady increase throughout August, resulting in a total of over 21,000 accounts.

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A second notable surge transpired in December, coinciding with a rise in transaction activity. On December 3rd, the network saw a substantial increase of 4,456 new EOAs, bringing the total number of accounts to over 50,000.

Record Daily Account Increase

The growth trend continued steadily, reaching 68,288 accounts by the end of March. However, April marked another momentous period for Shibarium, as it witnessed an extraordinary influx of 13,314 new accounts on April 13th, the largest single-day increase to date.

Shibarium New Accounts

This significant surge propelled the total number of accounts past the 100,000 mark, now standing at 100,878. Moreover, this figure represents a notable addition of 184 new wallets since the previous report by The Crypto Basic.

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Expanding Wallet Addresses

In addition to the surge in EOAs, the total number of wallet addresses on the Shibarium network has also seen substantial growth, reaching 1.78 million at the time of reporting. Earlier in the week, The Crypto Basic reported a staggering increase of over 375,000 new addresses within just four days, primarily comprising smart contract wallets.

Shibarium Total Accounts

Beyond the surge in wallet addresses and EOAs, Shibarium boasts impressive statistics across various metrics. Total transactions on the network have surpassed 415.7 million, accompanied by a rise in total tokens to 9,798. 

Additionally, the number of verified contracts since launch stands at 16,399, with 12 contracts verified on the day of reporting.

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