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Top 3 Crypto Gainers of the Day: AIOZ, RNDR, and NEAR Lead the Charge

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Top 3 Crypto Gainers of the Day: AIOZ, RNDR, and NEAR Lead the Charge

The cryptocurrency market can be quite volatile, with prices fluctuating rapidly. However, some tokens consistently rise to the top amidst the ups and downs. Today, we’ll explore three cryptocurrencies experiencing significant price increases in the last 24 hours: AIOZ Network (AIOZ), Render Network (RNDR), and Near Protocol (NEAR).

AIOZ Network (AIOZ): A Launchpad for Growth

AIOZ Network has been one of the day’s standout performers, witnessing a remarkable 15.06% surge in price over the past 24 hours. This uptrend might be directly linked to AIOZ’s recent listing on the prominent Korean exchange Bithumb. This strategic move has likely opened the token up to a wider audience, particularly in the Asian market, and fueled increased trading activity.

Source: Tradingview

Further bolstering its bullish case, AIOZ Network has also experienced a staggering 255.34% increase in trading volume compared to yesterday. This surge in volume suggests significant investor interest in the token, potentially indicating a sustained upward trajectory.

Render Network (RNDR): Breaking Through Resistance

Render Network (RNDR) has also been making waves in the market today. Since early March, the token has recently broken free after being confined within a price consolidation pattern (triangle). This breakout follows a significant price correction from its all-time high of $13.80, but it appears RNDR is now regaining momentum.

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A crucial factor in this uptrend is the successful retest of a support level at $6.88, established earlier this month. RNDR is currently hovering around $10.81, facing resistance. A successful breakthrough above this level could pave the way for further price gains.

Source: Tradingview

Near Protocol (NEAR): A Blockchain to Watch

While not experiencing the same explosive growth as AIOZ, Near Protocol (NEAR) remains a cryptocurrency worth noting. Despite facing a recent decline mirroring the broader market downturn, NEAR has displayed signs of recovery and is currently exhibiting an upward trend. As of now, NEAR is trading at $7.51, reflecting a 4.34% increase in the last 24 hours.

Source: Tradingview

Near Protocol is often touted as a promising blockchain with the potential to shine in the next phase of this bull run. Its recent price action, coupled with its strong fundamentals, suggests that NEAR could be a solid investment option for the future.

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