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XRP to Moon or Saturn? Bitstamp and Robinhood Deal Fuels Speculation

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XRP Whales' Significant Transactions Boost Market Sentiment

Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running crypto exchange, has recently stirred excitement in the XRP community by hinting at a moonshot for the asset. In a lighthearted post, the exchange depicted XRP on the moon, fueling optimism among the XRP Army. This post suggests that XRP could achieve an astronomical price surge, a long-standing dream for many in the community.

XRP Army Reacts With Enthusiasm

Unsurprisingly, the community responded with enthusiasm, speculating that a major announcement might be imminent. Edo Farina, Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare, expressed that aiming for the moon is too modest for XRP, suggesting instead, “XRP is going to Saturn.” Meanwhile, community commentator Chad Steingraber linked Bitstamp’s XRP moonshot post to Robinhood’s recent move to acquire Bitstamp.

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Steingraber highlighted a part of the announcement indicating that acquiring Bitstamp would allow Robinhood to expand its crypto offerings. Last year, major exchanges like Coinbase, Bitstamp, Gemini, and Kraken reinstated XRP trading for U.S. users after a federal judge ruled that XRP is not a security. However, Robinhood, known for its strict policies, maintained its distance from XRP, offering only real-time market data for the asset.

Implications Of The Robinhood-Bitstamp Deal

Last month, Robinhood announced an agreement to acquire Bitstamp, with the deal expected to finalize in early 2025. This acquisition will integrate Bitstamp’s crypto exchange operations into Robinhood’s platform, enabling it to serve clients in the U.S., E.U., U.K., and Asia. A significant implication of this deal is the potential for XRP to be listed on Robinhood’s crypto platform. Bitstamp has robust technical support for the XRP Ledger, meaning Robinhood will inherit the infrastructure to list XRPL-issued tokens like XRP.

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As a result, XRP community members are hopeful that XRP could start trading on Robinhood once the acquisition is complete. However, not everyone shares this optimism. Crypto analyst Mr. Huber has expressed a more cautious view, suggesting that Robinhood might delist XRP from Bitstamp’s platform after the acquisition.

Bitstamp’s hint at an XRP moonshot has excited the community. Many hope Robinhood’s acquisition of Bitstamp will lead to XRP being listed on Robinhood’s platform. The deal’s completion in 2025 will reveal whether these hopes materialize or if caution prevails.


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