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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson on Rapid Scaling Potential

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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson on Rapid Scaling Potential

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently addressed ADA community concerns over scaling in a tweet. He emphasized that the Cardano treasury has ample funds to pursue an aggressive scaling program involving Leios, Hydra, and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technologies if the community supports this direction.

Hoskinson assured that the Cardano treasury is well-funded to support an intensive Leios, Hydra, and ZK scaling initiative. He encouraged the community to consider this path, stressing that the necessary infrastructure and talent are in place to tackle multiple scaling projects simultaneously. This approach would not only meet immediate scaling needs but also prepare for future demands.

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Reflecting On Past Advancements

Reflecting on the significant progress over the past two years, Hoskinson expressed optimism about Cardano’s potential for rapid scaling. The upgrades and innovations introduced in the last 24 months have created a strong foundation for further development. He believes that the continuous improvements to Cardano’s infrastructure have enhanced the platform’s scalability, security, and functionality.

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The Vasil Upgrade in September 2022 significantly boosted Cardano’s functionality, performance, and scalability by enhancing its smart contract capabilities through Plutus v2. Similarly, the Valentine upgrade in February 2023 added support for SECP256k1, a cryptographic standard used by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin.

Community Reactions And Concerns

Hoskinson’s statements drew reactions from the ADA community. Cardano Stake Pool Operator Rick McCracken DIGI commented, “I would like to see rapid scaling. However, I would not want to see the treasury rapidly depleted since it could tank the price of ADA, making it more costly to fund the same level of effort. But, yes, the more scalability, the better.”

Hoskinson’s call for an aggressive scaling program reflects his confidence in Cardano’s capability to achieve rapid progress. With the foundation laid by recent upgrades and the community’s support, Cardano is well-positioned to address both current and future scaling challenges.

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