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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Critiques Biden’s Crypto Stance

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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Critiques Biden’s Crypto Stance

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano (ADA), challenges Blockworks’ assertion that basing one’s vote solely on crypto-related issues is foolish. He emphasizes the pivotal role of crypto in shaping a new social contract and holding governments accountable. He states, “Crypto gives us our voices, financial freedom, and shared humanity back.”

Hoskinson asserts his stance as a ‘single-issue voter’, highlighting the importance of a presidential candidate’s stance on crypto. He argues that being anti-crypto equates to totalitarianism, robbing people of their agency and economic identity.

Warning Against Neglect of Crypto Industry

Hoskinson warns against neglecting the crypto industry’s interests in the electoral process. He cautions that failure to support crypto-friendly candidates could lead to detrimental outcomes such as increased financial surveillance and limited social mobility.

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Hoskinson clarifies that he is not endorsing Biden, stating, “I’m on the left, but Biden’s actions have harmed the crypto industry.” He acknowledges the discontent within the crypto community towards Biden’s policies.

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Responding to inquiries about his reluctance to mention Donald Trump, Charles Hoskinson addresses the issue directly. He portrays Trump as an average president who allowed the crypto industry to thrive, while criticizing Biden’s actions for undermining its growth.

Trump’s Approach To Crypto

Charles Hoskinson characterizes Trump’s presidency as mostly unobtrusive towards the crypto industry, providing an environment conducive to innovation and growth. He describes Trump as an average president who did not significantly interfere with crypto development.

In contrast, Charles Hoskinson criticizes Biden’s approach, accusing him of actively seeking to undermine the American crypto industry. He laments Biden’s actions, including the crackdown initiated by the SEC and the administration’s stance on crypto regulations.

Charles Hoskinson highlights the importance of considering candidates’ stances on crypto in the upcoming presidential elections. Charles Hoskinson warns against neglecting the crypto industry’s interests and critiques Biden’s actions while comparing his approach unfavorably to Trump’s.

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