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Charles Hoskinson Celebrates Chronoshot’s Epic Games Debut

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Charles Hoskinson Lauds Chronoshot's Epic Games Debut

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, celebrates a significant milestone with the launch of RFLXT’s Chronoshot on Epic Games. He expressed excitement on X, highlighting the importance of bringing Cardano-based games to a mainstream platform like Epic Games.

RFLXT’s First Title: Chronoshot

RFLXT, Hoskinson’s gaming company, introduces Chronoshot, its first title on the RFLXT platform. The game integrates features like Digital Doubles. Additionally, Chronoshot joins other titles such as Chains of War and Fluxpoint Studio on Epic Games. The game offers diverse stages, special abilities, weapons, and characters, marking a significant expansion in RFLXT’s portfolio. Notably, RFLXT launches Chronoshot in early access to maximize player engagement. 

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By opting for open beta/early access over closed beta, RFLXT aligns with its goal to build in public. Early access includes two single-player modes: Time Attack and Survival. It also features leaderboards and limited character availability. RFLXT plans to introduce multiplayer modes soon after the early access launch. The game’s interoperability design allows players to create RFLXT accounts on Epic, enabling crossplay and access to RFLXT features. Early access participants receive special NFTs as tokens of appreciation. RFLXT accounts support dynamic NFTs, enhancing characters in Chronoshot without providing competitive advantages.

Integrating Cardano and Other Platforms

Hoskinson continues to merge blockchain technology with gaming. Despite Cardano’s blockchain focus, RFLXT targets multiple chains and platforms for broad accessibility. Previously, RFLXT released Voyager: Ascension on Gala Games. 

Furthermore, Hoskinson plans to bring the classic game Doom to Cardano’s layer-2 solution, Hydra, showcasing his dedication to this integration. Importantly, RFLXT’s strategy involves gradual data wipes during early access to refine game elements.

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Active players receive in-game items as rewards for their contributions. Chronoshot will remain free, with cosmetic items available for purchase post-launch. 

By bringing Chronoshot to Epic Games, Hoskinson and RFLXT demonstrate a commitment to enhancing interoperability and gaming experiences. Through these innovative steps, they aim to make a significant impact in the gaming world.

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