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Notcoin’s Rollercoaster Debut: Price Drops by Close to 50% Post-Airdrop

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Notcoin's Rollercoaster Debut: Price Drops 50% Post-Airdrop

Notcoin, a novel play-to-earn clicker game on Telegram, made headlines today with its substantial airdrop, distributing over 80.2 billion NOT tokens to its community. This much-anticipated event created a stir, leading to dramatic price movements within hours of the launch.

Initial Surge and Subsequent Decline

Upon its debut, Notcoin’s price surged to $0.01445, reflecting the initial euphoria. However, this surge was short-lived. The token’s price rapidly fell to $0.007472, a decline of 48.31% within the short period of listing. The trading volume for the day was an impressive $622,632,113, indicating high trading activity. Notcoin now ranks #101 on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of $734,976,339 and a circulating supply of 102,719,221,714 NOT coins.

The large-scale airdrop significantly impacted the price dynamics. With over 90% of the airdropped tokens allocated to “miners” and the remaining 7.9 billion NOT tokens tied to NFT vouchers, the market saw a substantial influx of new tokens. This sudden increase in supply likely contributed to the sharp price drop as early holders opted to sell.

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Community and Growth Strategy

Despite the price drop, Notcoin’s community-driven growth remains a standout feature. The team claims to have amassed a 35 million-strong user base without spending on marketing, leveraging the viral nature of Telegram and FOMO. The emphasis on decentralization is evident, with the largest influencer holding only 0.02% of the total tokens. The community’s enthusiasm, built on transparency and fair distribution, plays a critical role in Notcoin’s market presence.

Looking Ahead

Notcoin’s prospects are bolstered by its listings on major exchanges like Binance, OKX, and Bybit. Users can claim their tokens via the Notcoin app, with on-chain withdrawals available as listings proceed. This development could drive new interest and stabilize the token’s price as the market absorbs the initial airdrop impact.


The rapid price decline following Notcoin’s airdrop underscores the volatile nature of new token launches. However, the strong community support and upcoming exchange listings provide a solid foundation for potential recovery. Notcoin could see a more stable and sustainable growth trajectory as the market settles.

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