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SHIB Mainstream Appeal Increases with New Payment Options

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SHIB Mainstream Appeal Increases with New Payment Options

Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to dominate the crypto scene, with recent developments enhancing its utility and accessibility. From new purchase options on platforms like StealthEX to acceptance by various businesses, SHIB is solidifying its presence in mainstream applications. The Shiba Inu community has reason to celebrate as SHIB is now purchasable using a credit card on StealthEX. This advancement stems from StealthEX’s partnership with Mercuryo, facilitating transactions up to €700 without requiring Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. 

Consequently, users can instantly buy SHIB and over 170 other cryptocurrencies using more than 100 fiat currencies. StealthEX also highlighted popular memecoins on their platform, including SHIB, BabyDogeCoin, PEPE, FLOKI, VitaInuCoin, and VoltInuOfficial. Additionally, StealthEX promoted their API for accepting crypto payments, focusing on fixed-rate swaps to simplify transactions, especially for processing services.

Binance Reinstates Mastercard Payments For SHIB

This news follows The Crypto Basic’s report that Binance users can once again use their Mastercard to purchase various cryptos, including Shiba Inu (SHIB) and XRP. This update comes after Mastercard reinstated crypto purchases and deposits via its payment network on Binance, a service paused since August 2023 due to regulatory concerns.

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Previously, Binance faced several charges from U.S. regulators, including the SEC and CFTC, which led to the suspension. Therefore, Mastercard’s decision to reinstate these services marks a significant development for Binance users.

Growing Adoption Of Shiba Inu

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu’s adoption in mainstream applications continues to grow. In May, U.S. dental firm Amoré Orthodontic Aligners announced they would accept SHIB as payment. Consequently, patients can now pay for braces, retainers, and other services with Shiba Inu. Moreover, BlockDAG, a blockchain technology company, has expanded its payment options to include SHIB among other digital assets like Bitcoin, XRP, and Cardano. 

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By doing so, they aim to improve accessibility and convenience for users purchasing BlockDAG’s native token, BDAG. These developments reflect a significant trend of increasing acceptance and utility of Shiba Inu in mainstream applications. 

From enabling credit card purchases on StealthEX to reinstating Mastercard payments on Binance and expanding merchant adoption, SHIB continues to strengthen its position in the crypto market.

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