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Shiba Inu on the Verge of a Bull Run? Analyst Predicts Price Surge

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Shiba Inu (SHIB), the Dogecoin rival, has come a long way from its memecoin beginnings. Now, a prominent crypto analyst, Coach K Crypto, is predicting a significant price surge for SHIB. This prediction comes off indications from historical data.

SHIB Price Dips But Stays Above Pre-Rally Levels

SHIB has seen some volatility recently, dipping to $0.00002080 before recovering to $0.00002167 within the last 24 hours. This follows an impressive rally earlier this year, where SHIB skyrocketed over 372%. However, a correction followed, with SHIB giving up some gains. But importantly, it’s still trading above pre-rally levels.

Analyst Sees Similarities Between Current and Past Price Movements

In a post on his X account, Coach K Crypto compares SHIB’s current price movement to its 2020 launch. After its release, SHIB saw surges before experiencing a correction. Then, in late 2021, SHIB climbed again during the broader crypto bull run, reaching its all-time high.

Based on these similarities, Coach K Crypto believes SHIB might be poised for another bull run. He points out that summer preceded the 2021 surge, and predicts a similar pattern this year, with a potential “real bull” season coming after summer.

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Price Forecast: Analyst Vague on Specifics

While Coach K Crypto doesn’t provide specific price targets, analysts offer a range of possibilities for Shiba Inu’s future. July estimates range from $0.0000128 to $0.0000581, while October forecasts go as high as $0.0000721. Looking further ahead, 2025 predictions range from $0.000241 to a very bullish $0.00053.

Will Shiba Inu Live Up to the Hype?

Only time will tell if SHIB will repeat its 2021 performance, or if history will simply refuse to repeat itself. However, Coach K Crypto’s analysis, based on historical data, offers a reason for SHIB holders to be optimistic about the future.

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