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Shiba Inu Team Introduces New Update for Shiba Eternity

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Shiba Inu Nears Launch of Play-to-Earn Game "Shiba Eternity"

In a recent development, the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s development branch has launched a fresh update for Shiba Eternity, the cryptocurrency’s card collectible game (CCG). The latest version, v1.2.8, known as “Balancing Act,” introduces a range of improvements to Shiboshis, focusing primarily on balancing their abilities. This indicates adjustments and fine-tuning to ensure fairness in gameplay. Advisor Mazrael shared an X post, welcoming players to explore the changes with the phrase, “See you in the Dogjo!”

Showcasing New Features

A Shiba Inu advocate, using a pseudonym, shared a brief clip highlighting the fresh additions of Shiba Eternity v1.2.8. This version introduces the ability to stun enemy cards with a frostfire blast, inflicting damage on adjacent fighters. Players now need “2 BARK tokens” to recover from attacks and receive two armors through the cybernetic boost feature, also costing 2 BARK tokens.

Additionally, a fee of 2 BARK tokens is required for trading other tokens within the game. The Shiba Eternity team remains dedicated to launching the play-to-earn version of the game.

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Progress Towards Beta Testing

Last month, developers unveiled the initial internal build, addressing issues with certain cards like Stealth Fighters and Princess Andromeda’s interaction. Consequently, these updates set the stage for beta testing, slated to begin before the quarter’s end. Moreover, lead developer Shytoshi Kusama confirmed that beta testing for the P2E version would kick off in Q2 2024.

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Developed by Melbourne-based PlaySide Studios and released on October 6, 2022, Shiba Eternity boasts a Japanese martial arts theme inspired by the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Currently, the game undergoes rigorous in-house testing as developers work to identify and rectify all glitches in readiness for beta testing.

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