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STEPN (GMT) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040 | Is GMT Worth Holding?

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STEPN (GMT) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040 | Is GMT Worth Holding?

Cryptocurrencies have gained substantial influence globally, shaping the financial landscape. Among these, STEPN (GMT) stands out as a noteworthy player in the market. In this article, we will delve into the origins, development, and key features of GMT, followed by detailed price predictions for the years 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040.

Cryptocurrency Overview

STEPN COIN (GMT) is the core token powering the STEPN mobile application, a unique blend of gamified fitness and “Move-to-Earn” (M2E) platform built on the Solana blockchain. 

Here’s a breakdown of what STEPN is about:


 Incentivize healthy lifestyles: STEPN rewards users for walking, jogging, or running outdoors by earning GMT tokens. This gamified approach motivates users to exercise more regularly.

 Earn passive income: Earned GMT can be used to upgrade your in-game NFT sneakers, participate in governance decisions, or exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

 Promote sustainable living: STEPN contributes to carbon neutrality by purchasing carbon removal credits with a portion of its earnings.

Key features:

 NFT Sneakers: Users purchase non-fungible token (NFT) sneakers with varying attributes and rarities that determine earning potential and walking efficiency.

 Move-to-Earn: Walking, jogging, or running outdoors generates GMT rewards based on the distance covered, energy spent, and sneaker attributes.

 Upgrade and Repair: Upgrade your NFT sneakers with earned GMT to enhance their earning potential and durability.

 Mystery Boxes: Earn mystery boxes containing various in-game items and potential additional GMT by reaching activity milestones.

 Social-Fi and Governance: Users can interact and compete with each other in social aspects of the platform. GMT holders can also participate in platform governance decisions.

Potential benefits:

 Improve health and fitness: Earn rewards while getting in shape and maintaining an active lifestyle.

 Generate passive income: Earn GMT tokens by simply moving around, creating a potential additional income stream.

 Contribute to sustainability: Participate in a platform committed to carbon neutrality.

 Own valuable digital assets: Collect and upgrade NFT sneakers that hold potential value and utility within the STEPN ecosystem.

 Shape the future of the platform: GMT holders can influence the platform’s development through governance voting.


 The cryptocurrency market is volatile and involves risks. Conduct your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

 STEPN is a relatively new platform, so keep yourself informed about its updates and future developments.

 Consider your risk tolerance and financial goals before participating in M2E programs like STEPN.

I hope this information gives you a good understanding of what STEPN COIN is about. Feel free to ask further questions if you’d like to know more!

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STEPN (GMT) Price Predictions by Year

Year Potential Price Range Potential Influences

2024 $0.22-0.40 General market sentiment, DeFi adoption, TRON blockchain performance, new GMT Network features 

2025 $0.15-0.60 GMT Network ecosystem development, regulatory landscape, economic conditions 

2030 $0.008-0.150 Widespread DeFi adoption, integration with traditional finance, blockchain advancements 

2035 $0.005-0.300 Institutional investment, mainstream DeFi acceptance, financial innovations

2040 $0.002-1.000 Mass blockchain adoption, DeFi dominance, unforeseen crypto use cases

Detailed Yearly Predictions


 Potential range: $0.022 – $0.040

 Influences: General market sentiment, adoption rate of DeFi platforms, performance of the TRON blockchain, and potential new features or partnerships for the Just Network.


 Potential range: $0.015 – $0.060

 Influences: Continued development of the Just Network’s DeFi ecosystem, regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies, and broader economic conditions.


 Potential range: $0.008 – $0.150

 Influences: Widespread adoption of DeFi applications, potential integration with traditional financial systems, and technological advancements in blockchain technology.


 Potential range: $0.005 – $0.300

 Influences: Increased institutional investment in cryptocurrencies, potential mainstream acceptance of DeFi, and unforeseen innovations in the financial landscape.


 Potential range: $0.002 – $1.000

 Influences: Mass adoption of blockchain technology, dominance of DeFi in financial services, and potential emergence of new and unforeseen use cases for cryptocurrencies.

Buying Guide

How to Buy STEPN (GMT)

Choosing an Exchange: GMT is available on exchanges such as, Binance, and MEXC. Select an exchange based on your preferences for fees, security, and user interface.

Setting Up an Account: After choosing an exchange, set up an account by providing necessary information and undergoing the verification process.

Selecting Payment Methods: Link a payment method once your account is verified. Most exchanges accept bank transfers, credit cards, and sometimes PayPal.

Storing GMT Securely: After purchasing GMT, store it securely. While exchange wallets are an option, consider transferring to a private wallet, like a hardware wallet, for enhanced security.

How Can Crypto Investors Use STEPN (GMT)

Crypto investors can leverage GMT in various ways:

– Buy and Hold: Accumulate GMT for potential long-term value growth.

– Trade: Actively participate in the market by buying and selling GMT based on price fluctuations.

– Use the Platform: Engage with the GMT platform to earn tokens while gaining a deeper understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Move-to-Earn mechanism work in STEPN?

 Users equip NFT sneakers with varying rarities and attributes that define their earning potential and energy consumption.

 Walking, jogging, or running outdoors generates “Energy,” a virtual resource used to earn GMT tokens.

 The amount of GMT earned depends on several factors, including the distance covered, Energy spent, and your sneaker’s attributes.

 Higher-rarity sneakers typically have better earning potential and efficiency, but come at a higher initial cost.

2. What can I do with STEPN Coins (GMT)?

 Upgrade your NFT sneakers: Invest GMT to improve your sneakers’ earning potential, efficiency, and durability.

 Mint new sneakers: GMT enables breeding your sneakers to create new NFTs with potentially valuable genetic traits.

 Governance participation: GMT holders can vote on proposals affecting the platform’s development, features, and fee structure.

 Purchase in-game items: Use GMT to acquire mystery boxes, gems, and other enhancements for your STEPN experience.

 Exchange for other cryptocurrencies: Sell your earned GMT on cryptocurrency exchanges for other digital assets or fiat currencies.

3. What are the potential risks associated with STEPN?

 High barrier to entry: Initial investment in NFT sneakers can be significant, especially for higher-rarity options.

 Market volatility: Both GMT and NFT sneaker prices can fluctuate significantly, leading to potential losses.

 Smart contract risks: The platform relies on smart contracts, which can be vulnerable to bugs or exploits.

 Sustainability concerns: The long-term viability of the M2E model and its impact on user motivation remain to be seen.

 Regulatory uncertainty: Evolving regulations in the crypto space could potentially impact STEPN’s operations.

4. How does STEPN contribute to sustainability?

 The platform allocates a portion of its earnings to purchase carbon removal credits from verified providers, offsetting its carbon footprint.

 Encouraging active lifestyles promotes healthier choices and potentially reduces healthcare costs, contributing to long-term sustainability.

 Using blockchain technology for record-keeping and transactions offers increased transparency and potentially reduces environmental impact compared to traditional financial systems.

5. How does STEPN compare to other Move-to-Earn platforms?

 Focused on outdoor activities and walking/running, differentiating itself from some platforms focused solely on virtual movement.

 NFT sneakers add a collectible element and potential for appreciation, unlike platforms with basic reward mechanisms.

 Strong emphasis on community engagement and governance, giving users more control over the platform’s future.

 However, the high entry cost and dependence on NFT sneakers might not be suitable for all users compared to more accessible M2E options.

Remember, thorough research and understanding of the risks involved are crucial before investing in any cryptocurrency or participating in M2E programs. These FAQs provide a starting point for exploring STEPN, but further investigation is recommended before making any financial decisions.


In conclusion, STEPN (GMT) presents intriguing potential for the future. However, the crypto market is volatile and unpredictable. It’s crucial for investors to stay informed, exercise caution, and adapt to changing market conditions. GMT’s journey will be shaped by various factors, making continuous monitoring essential for those considering holding or investing in this cryptocurrency.

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