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Play-To-Earn: Entertainment Becomes Financial Opportunities

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Play-To-Earn: Entertainment Becomes Financial Opportunities

The universe of crypto games or play-to-earn is becoming a great opportunity for young people to make a living from entertainment. Since this sector became a widespread trend, ideas of a more decentralized labor market began to emerge. In that sense, the gamification of work and even study is a promising proposal.

An important aspect of gamification that must be considered is that it must evolve. Games based on new technologies have emerging themes that are unattractive to people. However, evolutionary developments are underway, and some examples can already be visualized.

For example, gamification could be very useful in the field of education, and the case of Duolingo is worth mentioning. Although this firm is not based on the blockchain, it has a gamified scheme that makes learning entertaining. Challenges, missions, and rewards seem to be the new trends that will dominate games, work, and study.

Profitable entertainment derived from play-to-earn

With technological incorporations, play-to-earns are turning entertainment into the center of new social strategies. Companies’ old schemes could have their days numbered as new generations adopt gaming applications and generate acceptable income.

Lying in an office to perform repetitive and unstimulating tasks is not the priority of young people. There are compelling reasons to suspect future generations will have a similar or more radical mentality. In this way, a situation could be reached in which companies that do not gamify their processes will perish due to a lack of labor.

The same can be said of education, which has boring and dogmatic teaching programs. At this time, it is impossible to be clear about what that future will be like without resorting to speculation or science fiction. However, the foundations of this new stage of civilization are already being created.

With the developments of the metaverses, entertainment will no longer be seen as leisure but will become a work strength and all thanks to the seed of play-to-earn.

The current state of the tokenized gaming sector

During the 2021 bull market, blockchain-based games proved that a new reality was possible. The contrasts between traditional income generation and new ways became an exciting phenomenon.

Among young people in the third world, these games changed many realities. People had access to income for the first time without losing the right to entertainment. Simply put, the games showed that fun and work do not exclude each other but can complement each other.

Even though the winter in the crypto sector and terrible hacker attacks cooled the business, it never disappeared. Thus, with the current rebirth of the broad cryptocurrency market, developments are beginning to become present, and people are becoming interested in games, both new and classic.

New game modes appear beyond traditional role-playing games or combat. Play-to-earn will offer various options such as racing games, sports and other forms of entertainment in a short time. And this will just be the beginning of a whole revolution.

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